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Congolese guitarman/singer Siama ("See-AW-mah") played a big role in the popularization of soukous music in 1970s-90s. Now based in Minneapolis, MN-USA, he recently launched his new sound with a brilliant album (Rivers), he performs at lots of fun events and he loves hosting interactive programs for special audiences like kids and seniors. (More in Bio.)
 "RIVERS - from the Congo to the Mississippi" available HERE

"RIVERS" is a genre-spanning marvel.

Siama's infectious traditional Congolese music & soukous dance music features a surprising array of sounds: gospel harmonies, Indian Saraswati veena and singing, Tibetan singing and dranyen, pedal steel, cello & more.

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Siama has found elusive alchemy here. For all its bold collaborative forays, this album feels personal. With humor, candor and confident musical playfulness, Siama is reflecting on a life of motion and change, finding joy in his discoveries, but never losing a certain wistfulness for all that’s been left behind.”

Banning Eyre of Afropop Worldwide

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Siama & Dallas Made Here Installation Launch

 —  —

730 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN

Dallas & Siama are excited to debut the art installation they created for the next round of "Made Here" in Downtown Minneapolis. Come, check out their Happy Stories Chair window as well as dozens of other awesome installations from 5-10th St & Hennepin Ave. You'll enjoy snacks and beverages and lots of music and performance artists. It's gonna be a blast.



 —  —

Siama's Afrobilly EARLY SHOW

 —  —

The Dubliner, 2162 University Ave, St. Paul, MN

Bring your friends to tip a pint and have a dance with Siama, Mikkel and Dallas at our favorite Irish pub. They have food now too!