Siama's Congo Music
Feel-good sounds from the Heart of Africa

Back in Africa, Siama Matuzungidi (see-AHH-maw) became a soukous legend, recording his intricate guitar on hundreds or songs and touring the world with popular artists. Now in Minneapolis, his catchy, upbeat songs and musicianship have earned him a McKnight Fellowship and numerous grants and a Parents' Choice Parent Approved award. He loves performing special concerts and events and sharing his happy music with kids and their families. In addition to singing and guitar, Siama plays traditional African instruments like mbira (thumb piano) and balafon (marimba).

When we listen to Siama's, "Land of Yangalele" we hear home, Mama Africa. This is very beautiful music that everyone can enjoy.”

— Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Watch this charming profile of Siama's life & music:

We dig it! A great addition to the family music mosaic! Outstanding rhythms and performances. ”

— Joe and Justin - The Okee Dokee Brothers

Previous events


Private Guitar Lesson

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Siama Solo

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Terminal 2 Airport, MN

4x every month Siama performs solo at Minneapolis airports (MSP/Terminal 1 Mondays 8-11am and one Wed noon-3pm every month at Hubert Humphrey/Terminal 2).

MIA's Family Day

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Minneapolis Institute of Art, 2400 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

Siama and Dallas can't wait to sing and dance with the awesome kids and families at MIA again. Not sure yet but I think we'll be in the fountain room on the 2nd floor. (We love that room!) The Feb theme is "Love" and there'll be lots of fun art-making, activities and learning to do and it's all FREE!

4kids Siama & Dallas

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Oakdale Library, 1010 Heron Ave N, Oakdale, MN 55128

Join Siama and Dallas at Oakdale Library for a very special trip to the Land of Yangalele ("happiness" in Kikongo). Sing in African languages, hear fun stories about Siama's childhood in rural Africa, play a fun percussion shaker and end the session with a fun dance party.


Private Guitar Lesson

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Private Guitar Lesson

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Siama & Dallas Special Event

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Soup for You, Minneapolis, MN

We're delighted to once again perform a set for Soup for You's anniversary of serving up incredibly delicious and nutritious FREE lunches every M-F in the basement of Bethany Lutheran Church in Seward in South Minneapolis. Come on, Come all!

Brunch w/ Siama's Afrobilly

Hell's Kitchen, 80 S 9th St, , Minneapolis, MN 55402

Join Siama, Dallas & Mikkel Beckmen for sweet Congolese folk music w/ American Traditional percussion (like washboard and more) while you enjoy delicious brunch and drinks. We LOVE playing HK. (Reserve a table in advance in the main room.) -Photo by Deborah Miller


Private Guitar Lesson

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Martin Luther King Celebration-Group Concert

 —  —

Saint Joan of Arc Church, 4537 3rd Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55419

This show presents a dazzling array of international sights and sounds by some of Minnesota's greatest vocalists, instrumentalists, dancers and poets. Curated by Bruce Henry and featuring T Mychael Rambo, Tomasina Petrus, Congolese musician Siama Matuzungidi, Chinese pipa master Gao Hong, the Naadha Rasa Center of Music, and the SJA choir among others. It will be a spellbinding musical tribute to the brave women, men and children who fight for justice, equality and freedom around the world.

Winter Healing Expo

 —  —

ZRS Fossils and Gifts, 3018 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408

We're honored to play calming music during the first 2 hours of this very special annual event, surrounded by gorgeous rocks and gems and immersed in the wisdom and practice of healing practitioners throughout the space. Check out more info below and here's the facebook link:

Bring joy and healing into your new year by treating yourself, your family and your friends to this free, fun & fantastic wellness-focused afternoon at ZRS Fossils and Gifts!

EXPLORE new possibilities for fabulous health & energizing wellness through this special opportunity to meet this year's innovative local practitioners -- all eager to personally share their intriguing variety of healing modalities & unique products with you. Great chance to investigate new concepts first-hand, ask questions & connect with an amazing group of people!

SAMPLE several unique modalities & wellness products all under one roof - Spring Forest Qigong, Auricular Medicine, Aromatherapy, Crystal Energy, Botanical Body Products, Reiki, Flower Essence Therapy, Sound Healing, Acupuncture, Healing Art, Essential Oils, Intuitive Readings, Feng Shui, Chakra Balancing, Amethyst BioMats, Ocean Plasma, Women's Health, Chinese Medicine, Intuitive Readings, Electromagnetic Cleansing & more!

ENJOY the spirit-filled sounds of celebrated Congolese musician Siama Matzungidi and Dallas Matuzungidi Johnson. Siama's music is inspired by the rumba and soukous music he grew up on back in DR Congo. He's known for intricate guitar picking, soothing mbira (thumb piano), sweet songs and he and his wife Dallas Johnson sing with such joy! Watch a special episode of PBS/TPT's "Lowertown Line" about Siama's life and music on the home page of ( from 2 to 3:30pm. Additionally, from 4 to 7pm you will love the inspirational, spirit-filled, healing melodies of classically-trained flautist from NYC -- Rebecca Kuehl. ( When Rebecca is not performing, she will be offering special Alexander Technique and Reiki sessions throughout the EXPO!

FREE Demos - Samples - Inspiration - Valuable Connections - Delicious FREE EXPO Buffet - ZRS EXPO SALE going on all day!

REGISTER TO WIN A FREE SALT LAMP plus many wonderful gifts from exhibiting practitioners!

ZRS Fossils and Gifts - 3018 Lyndale Ave S - Minneapolis MN (Located on Lyndale Ave just one-half block south of Lake Street) Call 612.824.1068 for further information.

FREE PARKING along 31st Street – just one-half block south of ZRS Fossils and Gifts / Metered parking along Lyndale Avenue & Lake Street / Metered Public Parking Lot Accessible by Lyndale Avenue in between The Jungle Theater and The Lyndale Taphouse on the East side of the street - just one-half block north of ZRS Fossils and Gifts

2018 ZRS Winter Healing EXPO Photos -


Private Guitar Lesson

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