1. Kueya
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Another soukous tune in Swahili. Siama sings about stopping for a couple beers after work with his fellow musicians and when he reaches home, he discovers his woman is gone, hence on the chorus he sings, "Kueya, Kueya...".

His neighbors feel bad for him and let him know that she's not true to him. In the end he decides he misses her, "I forgive you. Just come home!".

As is often the case in soukous songs, he tells this story with a lot of drama and humor.

He wrote it for Samba Mapangala back in the day. It hit the radio big time but because of attribution issues, it was quickly withdrawn from the stores and the airwaves. Siama's excited for his old friends and fans to hear it after decades of waiting. (Listen to Mombasa later in the album, which is the problematic love story revisted years later.)

Musicians: Siama (guitar and vocals), Zac Harris (guitar), Greg Schutte (drums), Tony Axtell (bass), Brian Ziemniak (Steinway grand piano), Bobby J Marks (trumpet) and Dallas Johnson (vocals).