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Maisha Mazuri

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Siama wrote this song ("Beautiful Life" in Swahili) for a beloved friend, Krista, whose journey was cut too short by cancer. In those difficult months, she summoned her friends to laugh at youtube videos, eat delicious food, meditate and cuddle.

Siama composed this song on the guitar as she rested and she began asking for it so he wrote the lyrics, "This beautiful life. Drink it up. No one knows what will come tomorrow but today is for us to live".

Carnatic veena virtuoso Nirmala Rajasekar and vocals by JD Steel and Dallas Johnson carry the music into the stratosphere.

Musicians: Siama (guitar and vocals), Nirmala Rajasekar (veena and vocals), JD Steele (vocals), Greg Schutte (drums), Tony Axtell (bass), Brian Ziemniak (Steinway grand piano), and Dallas Johnson (vocals)