1. Ndombolo
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Ndombolo means "dance" in Kikongo and Lingala. He wrote it from memories about sitting around on a mat in the evenings back home. There was no electricity so the stars would shine bright overhead and they'd hear the crickets as they told stories and laughed with each other. Inevitably someone would start tapping out a rhythm, they'd all start singing and before you knew it, young and old would pop up to "ndombolo".

This one is truly a vocalists' showcase! It begins with JD Steele's layered gospel arrangement with Dallas Johnson. Nirmala comes in singing scales from South India and Tenzin opens his pipes and takes us to the tops of the Himalayan mountains (as he learned while studying for 18 years at the Dali Lama Institute), all setting the stage for Siama to pop in with his chanting from Congo.

Musicians: Siama (guitar and vocals), Nirmala Rajasekar (veena and vocals), Tenzin Ngawang (vocals, dranyen and flute), JD Steele (vocals), Jacqueline Ultan (cello), Greg Schutte (drums), Tony Axtell (bass), Brian Ziemniak (Steinway grand piano), Bobby J Marks (trumpet), Tim O'Keefe (percussion), Dallas Johnson (vocals)