1. Mombasa
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If you checked out track 4, you know it's about a fictional relationship Siama had with a troublesome girlfriend. That song started to be a hit back in the day but music business put a stop to it. Still Kueya had lots of fans so Siama wrote this decades-later follow-up.

In Mombasa (another soukous tune), we discover that Siama is still with Kueya! Oh goodness. That can't be good. She's smashing all of his stuff as he cries, "You broke my picture? But my picture never did anything to hurt you!..." and on the chorus, when you hear him sing a line in a crazy scale, he's begging, "please don't kill me".

Oh, Siama, that Kueya sounds like TNT.

Musicians: Siama (guitar and vocals), Zac Harris (guitar), obby J Marks (trumpet), Greg Schutte (drums), Tony Axtell (bass), Brian Ziemniak (Steinway grand piano), Dallas Johnson (vocals)