1. Oyayeyo
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Singing in Kikongo, Siama describes the pride but also sadness parents feel when their kids do well in school and leave to begin life elsewhere.

The song begins under the adept hands of cellist Jacqueline Ultan who sets the stage for JD Steele and Dallas' layered vocal harmonies.

Siama crafted Oyayeyo into an anthem, bringing most of the album's musicians together to celebrate a momentus occasion.

Musicians: Siama (guitar and vocals), Nirmala Rajasekar (veena and vocals), JD Steele (vocals), Jacqueline Ultan (cello), Bobby J Marks (trumpet), Greg Schutte (drums), Tony Axtell (bass), Brian Ziemniak (Steinway grand piano), Tim O'Keefe (percussion), Dallas Johnson (vocals)